Play craps online: best winning strategies and tips for players

Play craps online: how to win real money?

Lot’s of gamblers all over the globe play craps game cause it’s fun and incredibly engaging. Moreover, every dice roll may deliver profit with up to x30 ratio, and that’s really good money for only a few seconds in game. This article is aimed to show you the best ways to use different bet types while you play craps online at home. You’ll also learn how to lower house edge and how to manage your bankroll wisely.

Top strategies to play craps online

You can use several approaches to increase your chances to win in the game:

  1. Pass/Come bet with odds. Pass Line and Come wager types are among the most favorable for gamblers due to their low house edge of 1.41% and 49.29% probability to win. Moreover, you can significantly decrease the house edge by using free odds bet (take odds). This wager doesn’t have house edge, but it can be used only in combination with Pass/Come/Don’t Pass/Don’t Come bet. Single odds will decrease the ratio to 0.8%, while double ones will deliver 0.6% house edge. Some real money casino Australia offer up to x100 odds and it can decrease the ratio up to incredible 0.02%.
  2. The second best way to play craps online in Vegas casino is to use Don’t Pass/Don’t Come bet with odds. This wager has 1.36% house edge and 47.93% winning probability. If you’ll lay odds, the house edge will be 0.7% with equal bet, 0.5% with double and 0.01 with x100 bet.
  3. Try to cover as many numbers as possible. This craps strategy presumes you use the maximum amount of winning options possible. It can be a Field bet plus Big 6 and 8 combination, for example. It leaves only 5 and 7 numbers uncovered. Still, you’ll get only even money in case you’ll win (except 2 and 12 that offer x2 and x3 ratio).
  4. Use Hardways and Horn bets. This wager type offers really big payouts, but the house edge is also high and may exceed 16%. It’s highly recommended to use them in combinations with more conservative bets and not to wager more than 10% of total amount on them. Horn bets offer the best payouts, but you have only one dice roll and you’ll lose the money if you won’t win just from the first try.
  5. Combine Pass Line/Come with Buy bets or Don’t Pass/Don’t Come with Lay bets. This strategy offers medium payouts up to 2 to 1 and a rather low total house edge.

In general, conservative strategies are the best in the long-term perspective, while risky ones can make you good money in a few dice rolls.

Play craps online: tips for players

There are several tips you can use to become a more experienced gambler and to win more money in the end:

  • manage your bankroll to use no more money than you can afford;
  • don’t bet too much just at the beginning of the game session;
  • set stop-loss limits not to leave the table without a coin in your pocket;
  • play craps for fun to test strategies before betting real money;
  • leave no more than 10% for risky wager types.

It’s also crucial to find a good casino to play craps online. Make sure it offers lucrative bonuses and a decent amount of games to try. It’ll also be wise to find out how big are free odds that you can use, and be aware of gambling addiction problems.

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